Shed Theatre

Shed are taking their highly charged and original production of the enduring classic Under Milk Wood, by Dylan Thomas, to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

This is Shed Theatre’s second appearance at Edinburgh - two years’ ago this talented Oxfordshire-based company performed an original production called Victims of Freedom on the Fringe. In recent years cast members have appeared on stage at The Oxford Playhouse, and the Pegasus and New Theatres in Oxford as well as Chipping Norton Theatre. Over the summer they perform at various Oxfordshire arts and music festivals including Riverside and the Cornbury Music Festival.

Recent productions include Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream;  the comedies A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, and Lords And Ladies; and an original piece Tsunami performed at The Eden Project.

What makes this production of Under Milk Wood extraordinary is the sheer size of the cast. It’s a young vibrant company who bring huge energy to this extremely popular Dylan Thomas classic. Coming from a small rural community, the 33-strong cast has a real understanding of the peculiarities of village life and tackle the script with a humour and bawdiness that would have appealed to the bard Thomas himself.

Showing at Venue C, Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1HR. Details of the Venue and location can be found on the Edfringe website HERE

We will be showing from 17th to 25th August every day at 3.15pm

You can also book your tickets online via the Edfinge website too.

You can read about the experiences of Shed in a blog written by a member of the cast. Click HERE to read all about it.

Under Milk Wood 

Comedy, drama, sexual fantasies, death, dance, music, a 33 strong cast and, of course, the finest verse of the 20th century.

This show has such a broad appeal – it has literary depth, wonderful language, music, dance and, most of all comedy.

As with all great dramas the main themes of Under Milk Wood are sex and death, in this instance housed in the underbelly of a small Welsh community.

Dylan Thomas’ much loved lyrical play follows a day in the life of the imagined Welsh seaside town of  Llareggub (read it backwards!) as told through the dreams and often surreal innermost thoughts of its inhabitants.  Beneath the calm exterior of this sleepy village lie bizarre fantasies and powerful sexual forces. Death is never far away, whether it’s saucy Polly Garter pining for her lost love Little Willy; Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard relentlessly bossing her two dead husbands; or Mr Pugh plotting to poison his very much alive wife. The gentle humour and sharp observations on humanity make this play an enduring favourite with audiences all over the world.